Animals I saw in Alaska

  • Bald Eagles – 15 (including one floating on an iceberg in Glacier Bay)
  • Seals  – 3
  • Humpback whales – 2
  • Sea lions – too many to count, lounging on an island a we left Glacier Bay
  • Terns – multitudes
  • Puffins – see Terns, above
  • (Glaciers – out of scope)
  • Sea otters – 10
  • Pigeon guillemots – see Puffins, above
  • Salmon – see Pigeon guillemots, above
  • Grizzly bears – 5, including 2 sets of mamas with cubs
  • Bull moose – 2
  • Willow ptarmigan – 3 families, approx 12, Alaska state bird!
  • Caribou – 2 herds plus 2 small groups, approx 40 total
  • Ground squirrel – 1, fat and gray and kind of marmot-y
  • Magpie –  2
  • Beavers – 2
  • Ravens – many, though not on the list?

Hello 2016

first moon of the new year #365moons

first moon of the new year #365moons

Hello blog. It’s been awhile.

I took some time off from creative pursuits last year to adjust to some big changes in my life. I moved cities and started a new job and, lo and behold, another year has flown by. In the course of the past year I learned what seems to be the universal lesson about change:
It’s hard.
Even good change is hard and it can bite you in the ass even when you think all is (read: should be) well. I struggled emotionally through the fall months of last year, but I finally pulled out of it after I committed to Nanowrimo – the admittedly crazy month-long challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. It wasn’t the first time I joined up for Nanowrimo but it was only the second time (out of seven attempts) that I “won”. I wrote a 50,001 novel in 30 days! Oh no, it isn’t a good read. It’s very much a rough rough ROUGH draft (though I did find a character that I really like and hope to write about more.) But it served as an important reminder creative work is important for my emotional well-being. I like making things. I like the creative process. It is really important to have some purely creative non-professional work related goals in my life. I need the creative play. Even if I don’t see projects through to “completion.”
That last sentence is the key. I start things off bubbling with excitement and then real life intervenes or I lose steam (most often a combination of both) and projects are abandoned or neglected. But I’ve decided that’s okay. I’m okay with that.  Because it’s the process that’s important.
So I am going to work on a novel with that character I found last November.
And I’m going to return to my Surf & Turf project.
And I’m going to knit more.
And I’m going to share the 365project about moons that I started on January 1.
And if I end up with an unfinished novel, only one more realized piece in my letterpress project, a cupboard full of half finished knitting projects, and only 68 moons… that’s okay. I can be okay with all of that.
(Stay tuned for more on my daily art project #365moons. You can my see work so far on Instagram or Twitter using that hashtag.)